About AFIN




Towards Reproductive (In)Justice: Mobilities, Technologies, Labourings & Decisions
4-6 September, 2019 - Granada, Spain

For this conference, we invite researchers, professionals and end-users to think
about reproduction in terms of stratifications, hierarchies and reproductive justice.


Thursdays' Appetizer at AFIN seminars (*see annual poster)


AFIN is an interdisciplinary, inter-university and international research group focused on basic and applied research in the social sciences, humanities and health sciences. It is dedicated to the study of human reproduction and the inequality as it relates to age, sex, racial or ethnic origin, religions or convictions, medical conditions, sexual orientation, nationality and the intersection of these aspects. 

Since its creation in 2004, AFIN has been characterized by its interdisciplinary focus, its academic relationships with other national and international research groups and institutions, and a clear commitment to ensuring that its research findings reach the citizens and communities.

Professionals from the field of social, cultural and medical anthropology, sociology, education, law, medicine, psychology, and social work attached to various domestic and international universities and institutions, organizations and services, from both the public and private sectors belong to AFIN.

Its main areas of research and applied work include:

  • third party reproduction (gametes, embryo, gestation or child provided by a third party) and fertility preservation
  • cross-border reproductive care (CBRC) / cross-border surrogacy
  • genetic technologies / preimplantational genetic diagnosis / screening
  • secret and anonymity
  • missing/stolen babies and children
  • childhood and youth diversity
  • mothering, fathering, parenting and family life
  • care and gender

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