Since its beginning in 2007, the international seminar on audio description ARSAD has been a meeting point for all key agents interested in both research and practice in audio description. Its sixth edition, to be held in Barcelona on March 16th (all day) and 17th (morning) 2017, aims to take stock of recent advances while looking at the future of the field. ARSAD 2017 would like to engage practitioners, researchers, trainers, trainees, regulators, broadcasters, users, social activists, cultural managers, and anyone interested in audio description in a fruitful discussion on the past, present and future of audio description.

In this edition TransMedia Catalonia (2014SGR027) teams up with the international project ACT (Accesible Culture and Training) to approach audio description from a myriad of perspectives, and seeks contributions on some of the following topics:

  • History of audio description
  • Audio description practice in various settings and formats
  • Technology in audio description
  • Teaching audio description, audio description in teaching
  • Cognitive approaches to audio description
  • New methodologies in audio description research
  • Standardization in audio description
  • Theoretical approaches to audio description
  • Audio description within the framework of accessibility
  • Linguistic approaches to audio description
  • Cultural approaches to audio description
  • Dealing with humour in audio description
  • Reception research in audio description
  • Audio subtitling research and practice
  • User perspectives
  • Social activism in audio description
  • Collaborative approaches to audio description

 Two types of proposals will be accepted: 

  • 20-minute proposals on finished projects and works.
  • 10-minute proposals on ongoing work, research ideas, preliminary results, etc.

Please notice that the same certificate will be issued to both types of presentations. Authors are encouraged to select the most suitable type of presentation for their research but the final decision will be made by the conference reviewers.

Presenters should make sure presentations are accessible to all participants, and encouraged to follow the ARSAD guidelines for an accessible presentationPDF.

FRED is ARSAD’s media partner and will give the opportunity to all speakers to promote their paper in 5-minute audio pills that will be broadcast before the conference. More instructions will be sent to speakers once the paper is accepted.

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