Next ARSAD will be in 2021.

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ADLAB PRO Programmes published (event on 20/03, event on 21/03): you can join for free!

For more than 10 years now, the international seminar on audio description ARSAD is the meeting point for all stakeholders interested in audio description research and practice.

ARSAD’s 7th edition will take place in Barcelona on March 19th (all day) and 20th (morning) 2019, followed by two ADLAB PRO multiplier events (20th March afternoon, 21st March morning).

ARSAD 2019 will continue to make an effort to involve practitioners, researchers, trainers, trainees, regulators, broadcasters, users, social activists, cultural managers, and all those interested in audio description (AD) in a lively discussion on some fundamental aspects, such as:

  • AD practice: historical approaches and current practices across the globe.
  • AD to new media formats: virtual reality, 360º videos, etc.
  • AD integration in production processes, and new production workflows.
  • New AD distribution: BOYD (bring your own device).
  • Technological innovation: NLP tools, computer vision, image tagging, automatisation.
  • End users as consumers, creators, evaluators, and activists.
  • Crowdsourcing and user-generated accessibility in AD.
  • AD as a didactic tool, and the didactics of audio description.
  • Research in AD: theoretical, descriptive, and empirical approaches.
  • User-centric research methodologies: profiling end users.
  • New tools for AD research.
  • Standardisation and knowledge transfer.
  • Audio introduction, audio subtitling, and new hybrid services.
  • AD policies and regulations.




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