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Book Chapter
O. Arrieta, Vilanova, R., and Alfaro, V. M., Balanced Performance/Robustness PID Design, in Intelligent Control and Innovative Computing, Springer-Verlag, 2012.
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R. Vilanova, Alfaro, V. M., and Arrieta, O., Robustness in PID control, in In PID Control in the third Millenum: Lessons learned and new approaches, Spinger Verlag, 2012.
Journal Article
J. D. Rojas, Flores, X., Jeppson, U., and Vilanova, R., Application of multivariate virtual reference feedback tuning for wastewater treatment plant control, Control Engineering Practice , In Press.
J. D. Rojas and Vilanova, R., Data-driven IMC Control, International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, vol. 8, 2012.
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V. M. Alfaro and Vilanova, R., Model-Reference Robust Tuning of 2DoF PI Controllers for First- and Second-Order plus Dead-Time Controlled Processes, Journal of Process Control, In Press.
V. M. Alfaro and Vilanova, R., Performance/Robustness Trade-off Design Framework for 2DoF PI Controllers, Studies in Informatics and Control, In Press.
V. Alfaro and Vilanova, R., Simple Robust Tuning of 2DoF PID Controllers from a Performance/Robustness Trade-Off Analysis, Asian Journal of Control , In Press.
R. Vilanova, Alfaro, V. M., and Arrieta, O., Simple Robust Tuning rules for 2-DoF PI controllers, ISA Transactions, In Press.
O. Arrieta and Vilanova, R., Simple Servo/Regulation PID Tuning Rules for Arbitrary Ms-Based Robustness Achievement, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research , In Press.
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