Doctoral Thesis

(Last 5 years)

19.02.2013 - Garcia Salcedo, Carlos Andres. "Inventory Control in Supply Chains: AnInternal Model Control Approach". Advisors: Asier Ibeas Hernández & Ramon Vilanova Arbós

15.11.2012 - Alfaro Ruíz, Víctor. "Trade-off Issues in 2DoF PID Control Design: Performance, Robustness, and Fragility". Advisor: Ramon Vilanova Arbós

28.11.2011 - Herrera Cuartas, Jorge. “Identication and Control of Delayed Dynamical systems through Pattern SearchMethods”. Advisor: Asier Ibeas Hernández

11.10.2011 - Rojas Fernandez, Jose David. “Extensions and application of the Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning”. Advisor: Ramon Vilanova Arbós

05.10.2011 - Alcantara Cano, Salvador. “Analytical design of feedback compensators based on Robustness/Performance and Servo/Regulator trade-offs: Utility in PID control applications”. Advisor: Carles Pedret Ferré

12.11.2010 - Arrieta Orozco, Orlando. “PID Control: Servo/Regulation Performance and Robustness Issues. Advisor: Ramon Vilanova Arbós

18.07.2007 -Balaguer Herrero, Pedro. “Control and Information: Supervisión of Adaptive/Iterative schemes. Advisor: Ramon Vilanova Arbós Ramon





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