“Fluorine leaves nobody indifferent; it inflames emotions be that affections or aversions. As a substituent, it is rarely boring, always good for a surprise, but often completely unpredictable"

Manfred Schlosser. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 1998, 110, 1496.

Research lines

This research group is formed by two permanent professors (Dra. Adelina Vallribera and Dra. Roser Pleixats) and a variable number of doctorate, master students and post-doc researchers.

Research interests:

  • Organofluorine chemistry
  • Fluorinated drugs for medicinal chemistry
  • Materials chemistry (organogels, coatings, surface-modification, hydrophobicity; mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles for catalysis and biomedical applications; metal nanoparticles soluble in organic and aqueous media for catalysis)
  • Hipervalent iodine reagents
  • Enantioselective catalysis and organocatalysis
  • Recyclable catalysts: metal nanoparticles embedded in aerogels and in hybrid organic-inorganic silica materials; water-soluble metal nanoparticles; silica-supported catalysts prepared by sol-gel methodologies.
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