The Center for Hardware-Software Prototipes and Solutions focuses its research, development and innovation activities on the design of embedded systems based on platforms and models, at different levels (HW, FW, eSW, aSW, web) to increase the performance and productivity in the implementation of application specific electronic systems.

The research lab is composed by professors, doctors, engineers and technicians who are nationally and internationaly well known for their knowledge and research contributions in the fields of specification, design and implementation of hardware prototypes and their integration in any kind of microelectronic solution in the ICT domain (Electronics, Computer Science and Telecom).

The prototypes and solutions are developed by using most modern techniques, including specification and design languages (html5, UML, XML, Python, C++, C, Java, SystemC, VHDL) and state-of-the-art HW/SW codesign methods and tools for a complete range of design levels ranging from embedded High Performance Computing down to IC or printed flexible layouts. This allows achiving a great level of adaptation and integration capacibilities in the use of new devices and components (real and virtual) facing different applications, currently focused in Automotive/industrial and IoT/wearables/eHealth.


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