The purpose of DEHISI is to study the cultural diversity and the contexts of social exclusion in the development of people, as well as the design of projects and applications for social and educational intervention.

DEHISI focuses its work in four areas:

  • Action research in the field of minority development and identity construction in environments of social exclusion.
  • Design-based research for inclusive learning environments, developing communities of educational practices and intercultural education.
  • Promotion of University Service Learning (APS) through the execution of teaching projects, the research and the design of institutionalization processes.
  • Studies and diagnosis of needs in the field of child welfare, child protection and the intervention with families.

Since 1998 it has been developing the Shere Rom Project, communities of practice for educational inclusion, in collaboration with Roma organizations and schools, and within the framework of the international UClinks network.

A look at our current activity at UAB Divulga


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