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Álvarez Valdivia, Ibis Marlene


PhD, Senior Lecturer at the Department for Developmental and Educational Psychology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Her research interests focused on cultural aspects of learning and psychological development.

Camps Orfila, Sílvia 


Site coordinator of the DEHISI Research Group in Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Graduated in Psychology (mention in Social and Educational Psychology), currently coursing the Master in Psicosocial Intervention and Research. My interests are towards childhood in risk of exclusion and intercultural perspective; always from aintersecional scope, including gender as an necessary axis.


García Díaz, Sarai 


Graduate student in Psychology of education i Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

I centered my studies in art as a tool of social transformation. Specialyzed in the field of photograpy, video and theater, performance and plastic arts as artistic mediation. I research about the creation of intercultural spaces that foster artistic expresion from the social and relational potential.

In DEHISI I develop an Participatory Action Research with the object of employing arts with psicosocial aims in a school of educational high complexity.

García Romero, David


Postdoctoral Researcher in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

 I developed my doctoral thesis in the Shere Rom Project (socioeducational intervention in context of risk of social exclusion) developed by the DEHISI; in the Service Learning dimension performed by the participant university students.

In the field of educational psychology and from a cultural historical perspective, I research about processes related with situated learning and inclusive education, both from related to learning practice organized in a Community of Practice and based in Service Learning. This research is intertweened with my teaching in courses of the Graduate of Psycology.

Metodologicaly, my field of preference is Participatory Action Research and Dialogic Research.


González Parera, Montserrat

Henao Agudelo, Claudia 

Izquierdo Ramón, Montserrat A.

Phd in Educational Psychology in Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

With and interdisciplinary trajectory where with pecial interest in intercultural relations and groups in risc of social exclusion from an intersectional prespective, including gender as a transversal axis. I centered my interest on finding educational tools to foster spaces of social and cultural inclusion through emotional and creative field. In the journey I find "teatro del oprimido" as a way of working these aspects from a perspective that advocates for interrelation between school and society.

In DEHISI I initiated a Participatory Action Research that intents to incorporate "teatro del oprimido" as a tool of intercultural and gender conflicts solving in secundary education.


Marín Suazo, Carolayn Andrea

Padrós Castells, Marta 

Podestá, Pía 


Graduate student in Educational Psychology in Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Teacher of diferential education, speciallyzed in hearing and language problems. Graduated in Qualitative Research and master in Psicosocial Intervention and Research.

In my professional carreer as a teacher I have work as speciallist in the field of language, in educational centers and projects of reading education.  My main interest  is in the incorporation of new metodologies and resources, of meaning making in the reading and writing process.  

My lines of interest in research focus on diversity as a whole and sexual and gender diversities in concrete. In education, I have mainly been a teacher, but also have explored the field of residential protection. My current interests are towards teacher training, intercutltural competence of teachers and methodologies of innovative pedagogy.


Sánchez Busqués, Sonia

Serpa Maldonado,  Viviana

Zhang Yu, Cristina 

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