Successful 1st Seminar on Training & Work organized by EFI research group

12 June, 2014

On Friday 6 June 2014, at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Autonomous University of Barcelona, took place the 1st Seminar on Training & Work organized by EFI research group. At this event attended 23 people who are working in this issue at university, private entrepreneurships and public administrations. 

The aim of this seminar was to create an environment where professionals who are working at different sectors could share ideas and experiences related to the issue of training and work.  

The work was organized in two big sections. The first one focused on the conference of Mercè Vilarroig, from Corporative Unviersity of Aspeyo, titled The role of training professional at organizations: from little and middle enterprises to big ones. And a second one with the aim of networking and present the work that the different research groups in the seminar are carrying out. The seminar ended with an agreement on common goals and future activities to organize together. 


Consult work documents (language: Spanish)

Consult notes of 1st Seminar on Training & Work (language: Spanish)



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