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Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona

Sílvia Carrasco

Email: - Phone: +34 93 5868918/+34 93 581 3149

Office 012 - MRA Parc de Recerca UAB, Ctra. Cerdanyola s/n 08193 Bellaterra  or

Office B9-215 - Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Ctra. Cerdanyola s/n 08193 Bellaterra

Professor of Social Anthropology at the UAB Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology and, currently, appointed Vice-chancellor of Students‚Äô Affairs and Cooperation, she has been visiting scholar in several universities in Europe and in North and South America. She is in charge of EMIGRA, a research group on Diversity and Inequalities in Education, with a special focus on migration, minority and working class experiences from an intersectional and comparative approach. She has over 20 years of experience conducting research and training of young researchers as well as counselling and training in the public administration.  

She has been principal investigator and local partner of a series of national and international and comparative projects and has supervised 19 PhD dissertations. She has published in the areas of childhood, migration and minorities, educational inequalities, gender and social change, including the first reports on children, families and immigration published in Spain (for the Institute of Childhood and Urban World, BCN), where she was in charge of the Area of Children and Migration until 2007.

She is also a consultant for national and international agencies and reviewer of the European Science Foundation for the Social Sciences Committee, the Spanish Research Agency ANEP and several journals in her field. In 2009 she was appointed vice-director of the newly created interdisciplinary Centre for the Study and Research on Migrations at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona at UAB (among the Catalan excellence centers SGR in 2014) that offers the UAB-UB joint Master programme on International Migrations.

You can read a recent interview with Professor Silvia Carrasco here:

On-going projects:

PEER ‚Äď PARTICIPATION, EXPERIENCES AND EMPOWERMENT FOR ROMA YOUTH [JUST/2013/Action Grants: Rights of Children] ‚Äď IP of the Consortium: Dr. Maria Roth (Babes-Bolyai University). IP-UAB: Dr. B√°lint-√Ābel Berem√©nyi. Duration: 24 months (01/01/2015-31/12/2016). Consortium: 14 organisations. UAB Team: 5 researchers

7th FP European Commission (2013-2018) Reducing Early school leaving in Europe. IP: Dr. Christianne Timmerman, University of Antwerp. 9 partner countries. IP Spanish team: Dr. Silvia Carrasco (Spain); Researchers: Dr. Jordi Pamies, Dr. Marta Bertran, Dr. B√°lint-√Ābel Berem√©nyi.

Proyectos I+D MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competition) Plan Nacional CSO (2013-2015) La movilidad del alumnado en la RMB: tipos, procesos y tendencias. IP: Dr. Silvia Carrasco. 15 researchers.

Recent competitive projects: 

RECERCAIXA-AGAUR (2011) Fills i filles de fam√≠lies immigrants a Catalunya: gesti√≥ de la interculturalitat per a la cohesi√≥ social (Children of immigrant families in Catalonia: managing interculturality for social cohesion) CER Migracions de la Universitat Aut√≤noma de Barcelona. PI Professor Carlota Sol√©. 12 researchers. 

AGAUR-ARAFI (2010) FILLS I FILLS DE FAMILIES IMMIGRADES ALS PA√ŹSOS RICS. INFORME 2010 SOBRE EL CAS DE CATALUNYA AL CONTEXT DE LA UNI√ď EUROPEA (Children of immigrant families in affluent countries. Report on the case of Catalonia in the context of the European Union). PI: Dr. Silvia Carrasco. Team: Dr. B√°lint-√Ābel Berem√©nyi, Dr. Beatriz Ballest√≠n, Dr. Elisenda Casa√Īas & Ms. Cris Molins (UAB); Dr. Heaven Crawley (Univ. of Swansea)

National Science Foundation (US) - Nuffield Foundation (UK) 2005-2010: The children of immigrants in schools in the EU and the US: USA, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, The Netherlands. Coordinator: Dr. Richard Alba, NYU. 30 researchers; Catalonia-California Team PIs: Dr. Margaret Gibson (UCSC) & Dr. Silvia Carrasco (UAB)

Ministry of Science & Innovation (Spain) 2005-2008: Transnational families and the identities of second generation children and youth though school and community experiences in Catalonia. 18 researchers. PI: Dr. Silvia Carrasco (UAB)

AGAUR 2008 ARAFI-00042, 2009-2010: An√†lisi diagn√≤stica i avaluaci√≥ del funcionament i l‚Äôimpacte dels EBEs de Vic i Reus a nivell educatiu i comunitari entre la poblaci√≥ infantil i juvenil immigrada de nova arribada (Assessment of internal development and external educational and community impact of EBEs in Vic and Reus on newcomer immigrant children and youth). IP GREUV-VIC Dra. N√ļria Sim√≥; IP EMIGRA-UAB Dra. Silvia Carrasco

AGAUR 2008 ARAF2-00003, 2009-2010: Xarxa d'investigació etnogràfica sobre migracions, minories, infancia i educació (Network of ethnographic research on migration, minorities, childhood and education). IP: Dra. Silvia Carrasco

Recent commissioned projects:

Diputaci√≥ de Barcelona, √Ärea d‚ÄôEducaci√≥ (2009-2010): Estudi sobre l‚Äôevoluci√≥ de la matr√≠cula viva a les poblacions de la prov√≠ncia de Barcelona (Study about year-round enrolment in a sample of villages and middle towns in the province of Barcelona). IPs: Dra. Silvia Carrasco & Dr. Jordi P√†mies 

Departament de Just√≠cia, Generalitat de Catalunya (2008-2010): Mediaci√≥ escolar i diversitat sociocultural (School mediation and sociocultural diversity), √Ämbit 7 del Llibre Blanc de la Mediaci√≥ a Catalunya. IP general: Dr. Pompeu Casanovas; IP √Ämbit 7: Dra. Silvia Carrasco

Recent academic conferences & seminars as convenor:

URBA-Rom French-Spanish 1st Seminar: Policy and Social Regulations, held at CER Migracions, UAB, 21st June 2011 (12 scholars from France, Italy and Spain)

Immigration and Education in Southern Europe, ESF Exploratory Workshop held at UAB, 12-14 November 2009 (25 scholars from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Morocco and Turkey)

II International Conference on Ethnography and Education (bilingual in English and Spanish) held at UAB, 5-8 September 2007 Proceedings: UAB-Reunions & Ciencia ISBN: 978-84-89236-04-6 (350 participants; see contributions online as EMIGRA Working Papers)

I CIMA conference held at Universidad de Granada. Co-organizer of 5 streams with F.J. Garcia Casta√Īo, 16-18 February 2011.  Proceedings: ISBN 978-84-694-0400-3

Selected publications:

Berem√©nyi, B-√Ā; Carrasco, S. (2015) Interrupted Aspirations: Research and Policy on Gitano Eduation in a Time of Recession in Spain. Intercultural Education Volume 26.1

B√°lint-√Ābel Berem√©nyi, S√≠lvia Carrasco (2014) Gitans espagnols et immigr√©s Roms en Espagne : discours √©mancipateur et nouvelles cat√©gories de stratification. Revue Migrations et Societ√©, mars-avril 2014.

Carrasco, S; Berem√©nyi, B.√Ā. (2013)Gitans et √©cole en Espagne. Entre progr√®s et r√©gressions. Revue Diversit√© N¬ļ174 []

Gibson, M., Carrasco, S., P√†mies, J., Ponferrada, M., Rios, A. (2013) Different Systems, similar results. Youth of Immigrant Origin at School in California and Catalonia, in Alba & Holdaway, eds., The Children of Immigrants at School, a comparative look at integration in the United States and Western Europe,  New York: New York University Press. pp 84-119; ISBN 978-0-8147-6094-9

Carrasco, S.(Ed.) (2013) Immigration and the national politics of schooling: comparative ethnographies in California and Catalonia, Amsterdam: Peter Lang Publ. (book; forthcoming)

Carrasco, S., Pàmies, J., Ponferrada, M., Ballestín, B. & Bertran, M. (2013) School segregation and Education in Catalonia: an ethnographic approach, in European Education Research Journal (paper, under review)

Carrasco, S., P√†mies, J., Berem√©nyi, B.A., Casalta, V. (2012) M√°s all√° de la "matr√≠cula viva". La movilidad del alumnado y la gesti√≥n local de la escolarizaci√≥n en Catalu√Īa, in PAPERS. Revista de Sociologia, 97 (2) (paper)

P√†mies, J., Carrasco, S., Narciso, L. (2012) A prop√≥sito de la acogida de alumnado extranjero. Paradojas de la educaci√≥n inclusiva en Catalu√Īa (Espa√Īa), Monogr√°fico Migraci√≥n y educaci√≥n: desaf√≠os para la integraci√≥n in Revista Iberoamericana de Educaci√≥n Inclusiva, vol. 5 (3) (paper)

Carrasco, S.; P√†mies, J.; Ponferrada, M.; Ballest√≠n, B.; Bertran, M. (2011) Segregaci√≥n escolar e inmigraci√≥n en Catalu√Īa: aproximaciones etnogr√°ficas, in F. J. Garc√≠a Casta√Īo & S. Carrasco (eds.) Poblaci√≥n inmigrante y escuela. Conocimientos y saberes de investigaci√≥n. Textos reunidos en homenaje a Eduardo Terr√©n Lalana. Colecci√≥n Estudios Creade N.¬ļ 5. Madrid: Ministerio de Educaci√≥n (book chapter) pp 367-400.

Garcia Casta√Īo, F.J, & Carrasco, S. (2011) Poblaci√≥n inmigrante y escuela. Conocimientos y saberes de investigaci√≥n. Textos reunidos en homenaje a Eduardo Terr√©n Lalana. Colecci√≥n Estudios Creade N.¬ļ 5. Madrid: Ministerio de Educaci√≥n (book co-editor & 3 chapters) 812 pp.

Carrasco, S., Bereményi, B. A. (2011) Roma culture and language: from assimilation to "additive recognition", in Green Perspectives on Roma and Traveller Inclusion, Brussels: Green European Foundation (book chapter)

Carrasco, S., P√†mies, J. & Ponferrada, M. (2011) Fronteras visibles y barreras ocultas: la experiencia escolar del alumnado marroqu√≠ en Catalu√Īa y mexicano en California, in Revista Migraciones, 29, pp 31-60 (paper)

Carrasco, S. & Gibson, M. (2010) La educaci√≥n de los j√≥venes de origen inmigrante en secundaria: algunas lecciones comparativas desde Catalu√Īa y California, in Revista del Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigraci√≥n, 90. pp 59-76 (paper)

Carrasco, S., Vill√†, R.; Ponferrada, M.; Casa√Īas, E. (2010) La mediaci√≥ escolar a Catalunya, in Casanovas, P., et al., coords., Llibre Blanc de la mediaci√≥ a Catalunya: perspectives sociojur√≠diques. Barcelona: Departament de Just√≠cia, Generalitat de Catalunya - Editorial Huygens, pp 451-569 (Full report n. 8)

Ponferrada, M. & Carrasco, S (2010) Togetherness, coexistence or confrontation. The impact of school climate and culture on peer-to-peer social relations in Catalonia, Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, 15 (1), pp. 87-107 (paper)

Gibson, M. & Carrasco, S. (2009) The education of immigrant youth: some lessons from the US and Spain, a Theory Into Practice, Vol 28 (4), pp 249-257 (paper)

Carrasco, S., Pàmies, J. Bertran, M (2009) Familias inmigrantes y escuela: desencuentros, estrategias y capital social, Rev. Complutense de Educación, Vol 20 (1), pp 55-78. (paper)

Carrasco, S.; Ponferrada, M.; Vill√†, R. (2009) Mediaci√≥n en el √†mbito escolar. Breve estado de la cuesti√≥n y reflexiones cr√≠ticas, en Casanovas, P. et al, coords, Materiales del Libro Blanco de la  Mediaci√≥n en Catalu√Īa, Barcelona: Centre d'Estudis Jur√≠dics i Formaci√≥ Especialitzada (chapter)

Carrasco, S; P√†mies, J.; Ponferrada, M.; Ballest√≠n, B.; Bertran, M. (2009) ‚ÄúSegregaci√≥n escolar e inmigraci√≥n en Catalu√Īa: aproximaciones etnogr√°ficas‚ÄĚ. EMIGRA Working Papers, 126.

Carrasco, S. (2008) Multiculturalidad, minor√≠as y educaci√≥n en Espa√Īa a trav√©s del modelo de Ogbu y sus desarrollos, in Jociles, M & Franz√©, A. ¬ŅEs la escuela el problema? Perspectivas socio-antropol√≥gicas de Etnolog√≠a y Educaci√≥n, Madrid: TROTTA (chapter)

Carrasco, S. (2008) Segregació escolar i immigració: repensant debats i alternatives, Revsta Nous Horitzons, 191.( paper in special issue on Immigration)

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Carrasco, S. y Abajo, J. E. (2005) ‚ÄúGitanas y gitanos en la encrucijada: cuestiones de g√©nero, √©xito acad√©mico y cambio cultural‚ÄĚ, en Fern√°ndez y Garc√≠a Molina, Multiculturalismo y educaci√≥n. Teor√≠as, √°mbitos y pr√°cticas, Madrid: Alianza Editorial.

Carrasco, S., ed. (2004) Inmigración, contexto familiar y educación. Proyectos y experiencias de la población marroquí, ecuatoriana, china y gambiana. Colección Educación y Sociedad, no. 15. Bellaterra: ICE-UAB (book editor & 2 chapters)

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