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EMIGRA is an acronym that corresponds to the following words in Catalan: Education, Migrations, Childhood (Infància), Group, Research, Anthropological.

EMIGRA is a research group specialized in Anthropology of Education devoted to research on childhood/youth and education in migrant and multicultural contexts. Our research focus is the study of the impact and dimensions of cultural diversity and social inequality in the education systems of the changing societies in Southern Europe and in the countries of origin of migrant populations, from an international comparative perspective, also developing applied social research.

EMIGRA was created and officially registered as a basic research structure at UAB in July 2005 from a former official group that had been originated in December 1998. Members of EMIGRA are mostly professors and researchers at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona from the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology and the Department of Social and Systematic Pedagogy, but other members are located in other universities in Spain and abroad.

On December 2nd 2009 the UAB Council approved the creation of the new Centre for the Study and Research on Migrations, which is an interdisciplinary structure that gathers researchers from 4 groups in different Social Sciences: EMIGRA, GEDIME and IDP.

The Centre for the Study and Research on Migrations is specialized in the production of scientific knowledge with the aim to provide advice and support to organizations involved in migrations and diversity (the public administration, NGOs, the media, and other social institutions) in our increasingly complex societies. One of the main productions of our CER Migraciones is the Interdisciplinary Master on Contemporary Migrations, which includes the Postgraduate Diploma on Migrations and Intercultural Relations, coordinated with GESDI from IDP-UB, both currently in their 6th edition in 2013-2014.

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