“Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution” (Theodosius Dobhzansky)

Our research activity is aimed at addressing a whole range of different evolutionary questions through a multidisciplinary approach, combining computational and experimental methods such as available genome databases and a battery of molecular, cytogenetic and cell biology, and by studying the genomes of different mammalian species. We aim at the study of genome organization and evolutionary breakpoints in a wide range of mammalian species and to open new research avenues in the study of genome evolution.


Aurora Ruiz-Herrera Moreno- Principal Investigator and Associate Professor in Cell Biology. Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology, UAB (aurora.ruizherrera@uab.cat)

Covadonga Vara González - PhD student (UAB)

Andreu Paytuví Gallart- PhD student (Sequentia Biotech S.L./UAB)

Judith Bello Rodríguez - MSc student (UAB)

Sergi Cumplido Mercader - MSc student (UAB/UB)

Carla Roca Grau- undergraduate student (UAB)

Claudia Tang - undergraduate student (University of California, Davis, USA)


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