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Grup de Genòmica Animal

Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona
“Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution” (Theodosius Dobhzansky)


Our research activity is aimed at addressing a whole range of different evolutionary questions through a multidisciplinary approach, combining computational and experimental methods such as available genome databases and a battery of molecular, cytogenetic and cell biology, and by studying the genomes of different mammalian species. We aim at the study of genome organization and evolutionary breakpoints in a wide range of mammalian species and to open new research avenues in the study of genome evolution.


Aurora Ruiz-Herrera Moreno- Principal Investigator and Associate Professor in Cell Biology. Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology, UAB (

Covadonga Vara González - PhD student

Andreu Paytuví - PhD student

Marta Marín- undergraduate student

Carla Roca- undergraduate student 


Recent Former Members

Marta Farré Belmonte (2008/2012) - Current position: Royal Veterinary Collegue (London, UK)

Sarai Pacheco (2009/2010) - Current position: Imperial College London (UK)

Rita Reig Viader (2009/2014) - Current position: IIB Sant Pau (Spain)

Laia Capilla (2009/2016) -  Current position: INRA Centre de Versailles (France)

Joana Segura (2010/2012) - Current position: Parc Científic de Barcelona (UB), Barcelona (Spain)

Marta Vila (2010/2013) - Current position: Department of Cell Biology (UAB), Barcelona (Spain)

Anna Ullastres (2011/2012)- Current position: Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (IBE-UPF), Barcelona (Spain)

Jonathan Fernández (2013/2014) - Current position: University of Vigo (Spain)

Marta Andrés Nieto (2013/2014) - Current position: Instituto de Química Avanzada de Cataluña (CSIC), Barcelona (Spain)

Rosa Ana Sánchez Guillén (2013/2015) - Current position: Instituto de Ecología AC (México)

Adrià Hernández Marsal (2014/2015) - Current position: Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain)

Verónica Olmos (2014/2015) - Current position: ArcelorMittal (Spain)



Terence J Robinson  -  University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)

Marcelo Cioffi  -  Universidad de San Carlos (Brazil)

Claudia Badiale  - University of Pavia (Italy)

Natalia Gablo - University of Rzeszow (Poland)