Quantum computers - is the future here?

Seminar date and time: 
Monday, 4 September, 2017 - 14:30
Technion, Israel
Tal Mor
GIQ Seminar Room C5/262

More than thirty years ago Feynman and Deutsch came up with the quantum computer. A decade later Peter Shor had shown the incredible power of quantum computers - for example, their ability to factorize large numbers, an ability whose technological consequences for the world of internet encryption and banking can be devastating.

In the last years the Wolf Prize, the Nobel Prize, and the Shannon’s Prize were given to researchers promoting quantum information and computing technologies, and the DWAVE startup has sold "quantum
simulators" to Lockheed Martin, as well as to Google and NASA. Is the future here? Or will we have to wait for it for a few more decades?

The answer depends upon whom you ask. In this presentation I will try to clearly present the current situation of this field.


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