GRAI, a research team of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, condemns the decision of the Spanish government to overrule the institutions of Catalan self-government. The intervention of the Catalan government and the Catalan Parliament, both institutions created centuries ago, implies that Catalonia will be ruled from Madrid by a party, the PP, which has only 8.5% of the Catalan vote. The nearly total nullification of Catalan Parliament's functions vanishes the separation of the executive and legislative powers and it is an unprecedented event in democratic Europe. The intervention of public media –TV3, Catalunya Radio and the Catalan News Agency– brings censorship, attempts against freedom of press, erases the plurality of opinion present in these media and prevents its task of spreading the Catalan language and culture. GRAI reaffirms its commitment to liberties and democracy, and joins the popular clamour to release the recently imprisoned presidents of two civil organizations that have organised peaceful demonstrations in the last seven years.

Peer learning: collaboration, cooperative learning and peer tutoring is a research group ad scribed to the Education Sciences Institute at the Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona (UAB), which constitutes a meeting point for professionals coming from diverse backgrounds committed to the study, practice and spreading out of peer learning. And also, part of their members are organized as a research group recognized by the UAB and associated to SINTE.

We understand that peer refers to people who occupy a similar social status, none of them behaving as a professional teacher with respect to the others. In this sense, we are concerned with cooperative learning among peers; among teachers; among members of one same family; and among voluntary people.

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