Who we are


David Duran Gisbert (Coordinator). CV. Doctor in Psychology. He has worked as a high school teacher. He has also worked as a teacher trainer focusing on peer learning and inclusive school. He is presently a professor at the Educational Psychology Department at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. David.Duran@uab.es

Lola Bardallo Porras PhD in Educational Sciences from UB. Professor of nursing at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Grade Practicum coordinator. For years she has been working cooperative methodology in the subjects they teach, specially the arrangements for peer-group tutoring and Puzzle. bardallo@csc.uic.es

Laia Capdet Cidoncha is a Music Education and Primary school teacher from 2002. She has been working in diferent primary schools. Teacher trainer in "Reading in pairs". Nowadays she is working in Esteve Barrachina primary schoolcapdet.laia@gmail.com

Judit Carrera Comas. Holds a Degree in Psychology (UAB), pre-school teacher (UAB), Master in Systemic Education (CUDEC) and studying Master in Educational Psychology (UB). She has work in a nursery school for six years in Tona (Barcelona) and Alcobendas (Madrid). Today she is primary school teacher in the Sant Miquel dels Sants school in Vic. juditcarreracomas@gmail.com

Mariona Corcelles Seuba. Holds a Degree in Psychology and Phylosophy. Educational psychology counsellor on cooperative learning, inclusive education and teaching philosophy. Professor of Educational Psychology Department of the Faculty of Education at UAB . Marionacs@blanquerna.url.edu

Marta Flores Coll. PhD in Educational Psychology (UAB), holds a degree in educational psychology (UOC) and primary school teacher (URL). She has worked as a primary school teacher and she is presently a professor at the Educational Psychology Department at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She has also works as a teacher training focusing on peer learning and inclusive education. marta.flores@uab.cat

Ester Miquel Bertran. PhD in Educational Psychology. She is a part-time professor at the Educational Psychology Department at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She also works as a teacher training and counselling from pre-school, primary and secondary school, focusing on peer learning and inclusive education. ester.miquel@uab.cat

Maite Oller Sànchez has worked as a pre-school teacher for 25 years. She was Head of Studies at the El Pi Primary School for 6 years and director of the Riera de Ribes Primary school for 3 years. Teacher trainer in activities of permanent teacher training. Member of the group on “Pre-school Education” of the Educational Sciences Institute at the UAB. molle2@xtec.net

Marcela Ramírez Montes holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology (University of Minnesota, Fulbright scholar), Group Dynamics specialist (University of Barcelona), and Psychology (University of Salamanca). Currently works as a research assistant in the University of Geneva and offers peer learning trainings to teachers in service.MarcelaRMontes@gmail.com

Jesús Ribosa Martínez. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education, specialisation in English as a Foreign Language (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Currently, he is enrolled in the Interinstitutional Master of Educational Psychology (MIPE, by its acronym in Catalan and Spanish).jesus.ribosa.martinez@gmail.com

Vanessa Haydee Valdebenito Zambrano. PhD and Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, Education Graduate and Teacher of Special Needs Education: Learning Disorders and Intellectual Disability. Nowadays, she is a teacher of the Education Faculty at San Sebastian University in Valdivia, Chile. vvaldebenito@uct.cl

Anabel Vázquez Rivas. Phd in Educational Psychology. Teacher of nursing at the University of Barcelona for 3 years. Nursing at Moisès Broggi Hospital since 2012. Currently she is studying a Degree in Psychology. She is also doing health education sessions in Espais Familiars of Barcelona. anabel.docencia@gmail.com

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