Publications by PhD & MA Students

Accepted for publication

  • Knight, Janine, Dooly, Melinda & Barberà, Elena (accepted). But the computer say me the time is up: the shaping of oral turns mediated with and through the screen. Computer Assisted Language Learning.
  • Knight, Janine, Dooly, Melinda & Barberà, Elena (accepted). Navigating a multimodal ensemble: mediating turns verbally and non-verbally in online interaction. ReCALL.​
  • Knight, Janine, Dooly, Melinda & Barberà, Elena (accepted). Multimodal meaning making: navigational acts in an online speaking task. System
  • Knight, Janine & Barberà, Elena (acceptat). Navigational acts and discourse: fostering learner agency in computer-assisted language learning, The Electronic Journal of e-Learning (EJEL).
  • Marjanovic, Jelena, Dooly, Melinda & Sadler, Randall (accepted). From autonomous learners to self-directed teachers: Myth or reality? In Carolin Fuchs, Mirjam Hauck & Melinda Dooly (Eds.) Language education in digital spaces: Perspectives on autonomy and interaction. Amsterdam: Springer.
  • Vallejo, Claudia. (accepted) Translanguaging as practice and as outcome: Bridging across educational milieus through a collaborative Service-Learning project. In E. Moore, J. Bradley & J. Simpson (Eds.) Translanguaging as transformation: The collaborative construction of new linguistic realities. London: Multilingual Matters.
  • Vallejo, Claudia & Dooly, Melinda (accepted). Plurilingualism and translanguaging: Emergent approaches and shared concerns. Introduction to the Special Issue. In Melinda Dooly & Claudia Vallejo (Eds.), The evolution of language teaching: Towards plurilingualism and translanguaging. Special Issue: Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.


  • Ploettner, Joan Catherine. (2019). EMI teacher and student identities and linguistic practices. Tracing classroom tensions in a teacher development process. Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education, 7(1): 115-141.









  • Corona, Víctor (2010) Globalización, Identidades y escuela: “lo latino” en Barcelona. In Oriol Guash & Marta Milian (Eds.) L’educació lingüística i literària en entorns multilingües. Recerca per a nous contextos. Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, pp. 315-330.
  • Corona, Víctor (2010) Educación lingüística de jóvenes latinoamericanos: un relato etnográfico en familias, niños, niñas y jóvenes inmigrantes. Grupo Interdisciplinario de Investigador@s Migrantes (coord). Madrid: La casa encendida, pp. 151-158.
  • Moore, Emilee (2010) Exploring plurilingualism as a teaching/learning resource in higher education English-medium classrooms. In Oriol Guash & Marta Milian (Eds.) L’educació lingüística i literària en entorns multilingües. Recerca per a nous contextos. Servei de Publicacions de la UAB: Bellaterra.  
  • Moore, Emilee & Melinda Dooly. (2010) 'How Do the Apples Reproduce (Themselves)?” How Teacher Trainees Negotiate Language, Content, and Membership in a CLIL Science Education Classroom at a Multilingual University. Journal of Language, Identity & Education, 9 (1), 58 – 79. 
  • Moore, Emilee & Adriana Patiño-Santos. (2010). Exploring identity in plurilingual service encounters at a Catalan university. Deliverable 5.3: Working Paper 5. DYLAN Project.


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