Victoria Antoniadou

I am a graduate of the University of Cyprus with a Bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature. I continued my academic studies at Liverpool’s John Moores University in the UK, achieving a Master’s degree in Advanced Language Studies in the area of sociolinguistics. Upon my graduation in 2006, I taught French and English to primary and secondary level and adults in the private and public sector back in my homeland.

Diverse challenges and my aspirations to a more in-depth knowledge of learning and teaching processes that integrate technology-based and communicative language teaching led my path to the UAB and the Department of Language and Literature Education and Social Science Education to pursue doctoral studies in foreign language teaching and learning, which I began in 2008.
I defended my thesis project on Foreign Language Teacher Education under the supervision of Dr. Melinda Dooly in 2013. The thesis investigates the dynamics of teacher learning in a blended configuration of social and network-based environments, over lengthy periods of time, and the complex interrelations between practical experience and cognition.

I am currently a  teacher and researcher in socially-distributed cognition and telecollaboration at European University Cyprus.


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