Virginia Unamuno Kaschapava

In 1992 I graduated in Arts from the University of Buenos Aires, having written my dissertation on the linguistic conflict between Guaraní and Spanish in a marginal neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. In 1994 I came to Barcelona, where after completing the exams to homologate my studies from Argentina, the University of Barcelona awarded me a Bachelor of Linguistics. In 1997, I finished my Ph.D. at that university, with a thesis on sociolinguistics and education entitled: Lenguas, identidad y escuela: hacia una etnografía de la acción comunicativa (Languages, identity and the school: towards an ethnography of communicative action).

Apart from studying, I have worked and I am working at present. I started at the University of Buenos Aires, where I worked as an assistant lecturer in sociolinguistics and as a teacher of language and social communication at the teacher training college in the city of Vicente López. Once in Barcelona, I worked as a lecturer in the Department of Spanish Philology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona for two years, and for another two as coordinator of the Mercator program run by CIEMEN and the European Commission (Directorate General for Education and Culture). I am currently a Senior Professor in the Department of Language Teaching Methodology (UAB) which means I mostly do research, with a project on language education in multilingual contexts, as well as a little lecturing.

As I prefer not to work alone, I have always been a member of research or study groups. In Buenos Aires, I trained in the Sociolinguistics Board coordinated by Dr. Alejandro Raiter. As fruit of our work together, I would like to highlight the publication of the book "Discurso y Cambio Social" ("Discourse and Social Change") published by EUDEBA. In Barcelona, I am part of GELA (Study Group on Endangered Languages) coordinated by Dr. Carme Junyent. Together, we have published diverse articles and materials on linguistic diversity and its teaching addressed at schools. We have also developed various projects on the world's languages and their social circulation and evaluation.

I am a member of GREIP at the UAB coordinated by Dr. Luci Nussbaum. This group of researchers and myself work in various fields related to the study of communicative interaction as a social activity and as an activity of learning. Currently, we are running a project dealing with the development of linguistic competences in Catalan, Spanish and English on behalf of students proceeding from migratory fluxes. .

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