Recycling and sociocultural relationships in western society

TítuloRecycling and sociocultural relationships in western society
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMórtola, CM
Conference NameökoRAUSCH SYMPOSIUM Design al Sprache
Date Published09/2011
Conference LocationAlemanya

Recycling and sociocultural relationship in western society.
We are going to show part of an urban anthroplogy research about recycling and sociocultural relationships in western society and how recycling impacts in social habits, art, education,
environment, etc. of this society. As an independent researcher she is following an Anthropological Research of Recycling as a sociocultural phenomenon and has elaborated categories like „Homo Reciclaris“. She analyses the social relations surrounding trash and objects (artistic, domestics, etc.). Also habits and the contradictions between public and private and attitudes that traverse gender. She writes and publishes articles about Recycling and Anthropology. She considers necessary to see the ethnography of recycling as another social scientific perspective in order to discover other subjects concerning social relations, metaphors, of speech in studies of Urban Anthropology, of Food, of Consumerism, of Ecology, of Art, of Gender, etc.

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