Mijail Figueroa

He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (2009) and his Master's Degree in Management and Policies of Higher Education (2013) on the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. He is currently studying his PhD in Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona under the joint direction of Dr. Jordi Planas Coll and Dr. Marina Elias Andreu. His thesis work deals with the motivations to combine studies and work in university students, where the role of the social origin and of the educational institution in the construction of them stands out. In parallel to his research project he has been an assistant professor of the Department of Sociology.

In the Research Group on Education and Labor (GRET) he has collaborated in two competitive sequential projects:

a) Educational elections and post-compulsory itineraries for young people. International comparative analysis in a context of economic crisis (R & D Projects MINECO National Plan CSO (2014-2016) - CSO2013-44540- P).

b) Educational choices and social inequalities in youth biographies: access to the university, professional training itineraries and abandonment of the education system (R & D MINECO National CSO Plan (2016-2019) - CSO2016-79945- P).

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