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The Research Group of Separation Techniques in Chemistry, GTS, is a "Consolidated Group of Quality Research" since 1993 and belongs to TECNIO - a network that power differential technology, business innovation and excellence in Catalonia. The GTS Center has developed its activity during the last 24 years in both basic and applied aspects of separation science and technology.

The research is currently addressed to develop new concepts in process separation and to problem-solving applications. Thus, different separation techniques are applied to a great variety of situations including environmental research, biomedical and agrofood applications and analytical processes.

Our activity includes, beside the development of specific projects, consultancy, assessment and services in related problems.

Financial support to this activity is given by National and European Research Programs as well as public and private organisms and companies. Special attention is paid to both national and international collaboration, including Europe, USA and Japan, with both academic and industrial groups for specific R+D+i or educational purposes.

The GTS Group is certificated by ACC1Ó based in the International Quality Norm ISO 9001. You can find us in LinkedIn and Twitter @GTS_UAB_BCN

Centre GTS

Centre GTS collaborating with ALBA CELLS

Centre GTS collaborates actively with the ALBA Synchrotron Facility. We do perform analysis with a wide variety of samples (i.e. food, plants, soils...).

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TECNIO is the seal awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya through ACCIÓ to identify where you will find the latest technology, the providers that develop and facilitators that help to transfer it to the market.


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