6th Conference of Cloud Computing and Big Data

26 June, 2018

  June 25-29, 2018.

The 6th Conference of Cloud Computing and Big Data (JCC & BD) are organized by the Faculty of Computer Science of the UNLP under the auspices of the RedUNCI (Network of National Universities with Computer Science Bachelors) and the collaboration of the HPC4EAS group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona . They form a complementary area to different activities in the area of distributed and parallel processing carried out by the Argentine Universities through RedUNCI.

Activity of HPC4EAS members:

  • Professor E. Luque ( inaugural conference): Performance and Scalability prediction in HPC and Cloud
  • Academic Papers: 

Análisis funcional de la pila de software de E/S paralela utilizando IaaS
Diego Encinas (UNLP), Sandra Mendez (LRZ), Dolores Rexachs (UAB), Emilio Luque Fadón (UAB), Marcelo Naiouf (UNLP), Armando De Giusti (UNLP)

H-RADIC: The Fault Tolerance Framework for Virtual Clusters on Multi Cloud Environments
Ambrosio Royo (UAB), Jorge Villamayor (UAB), Marcela Castro-León (UAB), Dolores Rexachs (UAB), Emilio Luque (UAB)

Automatic and early detection of the deterioration of patients in Intensive and Intermediate Care Unit: technological challenges and solutions
Javier Balladini (UNCOMA), Pablo Bruno (UNCOMA), Rafael Zurita (UNCOMA), Cristina Orlandi (Hospital Francisco Lopez Lima)

Cloud Computing application model for online recommendation through fuzzy logic system
Elham Shojaei (UAB), Emilio Luque (UAB), Dolores Rexachs (UAB), Francisco Epelde (Hospital Universitari Parc Tauli – España)

Adjustement of a simulator of a complex dynamic system with emphasis on the reduction of computational resources
Mariano Trigila (UCA), Adriana Angélica Gaudiani (UNGS), Emilio Luque Fadón (UAB)




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