Olga and Berit Gehrke edit a volume in Glossa

Olga Borik and Berit Gehrke edit a special collection on the form, use and meaning of past passive participles used in perfect and passive constructions in Glossa.

Eloi coauthors a book at CUP

Is acquiring a third language the same as acquiring a second? Are all instances of non-native language acquisition simply one and the same? In this first book-length study of the topic, the authors systematically walk the reader through the evidence to answer these questions. They suggest that acquiring an additional language in bilinguals (of all types) is unique, and reveals things about the links between language and mind, brain, and cognition, which are otherwise impossible to appreciate.

New paper by Xavier in Syntax

Villalba, Xavier (2019) Infinitive Wh-Relatives in Romance: Consequences for the Truncation-versus-Intervention Debate

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