Gustavo Pita Céspedes

Gustavo Pita Céspedes holds a degree on philosophy from Leningrad State University. He holds a master on Asian and African Studies, specialized in Japan from El Colegio de México and a PhD on Translation and Intercultural Studies at UAB. Thanks to Fundación Japón, he has completed two research stays in Japan. His research is focused in bushi culture, Japanese martial arts, Zen Buddhism, Japanese thinking history and global philosophical thinking, Russian thinking in particular.

He is a member of the scientific committee of the collection  Biblioteca de Estudios Japoneses, CERAO-UAB ( He is author of the book Geneología y transformación de la cultura bushi en Japón(Bellaterra, 2014), as well as some other articles about his area and translations of scientific articles and literary works from Russian and Japanese. 




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