Jordi Mas López

Office: K 1024
Tel: 93 581 2469 

His research focuses on translation between distant languages, such as Japanese and Catalan (or romance languages in general), from translation to the adaptation of Japanese culture by foreign markets, or the way Japanese poetic tropes are appropriated by Western literatures. The analysis of these phenomena goes beyond linguistics, and pays attention to interculturalism behind the transference of texts or textual models. He is very interested in the way one culture appropriates or naturalizes elements from other cultures, so as to highlight the inherent limits of intercultural communication.

He is author of Josep Maria Junoy i Joan Salvat-Papasseit: dues aproximacions a l’haiku (Barcelona: Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat, 2004), “La poètica postcubista de Josep M. Junoy (Els Marges, núm. 76, primavera de 2005), “Josep Maria Junoy’s Four and Five-Line Poems in El Dia: a Meditation on the Haiku” (Modern Language Review, n. 100, vol. 1, 2005), “L’haiku, forma clau en la poesia de Joan Salvat-Papasseit” (Quaderns de Traducció, núm. 11, 2004), and “From Tokyo to Barcelona. Translating Japanese Anime into Catalan” (LISA Newsletter. The Globalization Insider, XIII, 3.3, 2004). He has participated in different international congresses and conferences.




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