Rachid Aarab

Departament de Dret Públic y Ciències Historicojurídiques 
Facultat de Dret – UAB
Office: B3/115
Telephone: 93 581 2424
E-mail: Rachid.aarab@uab.cat / ra.aarab@gmail.com

International Relations Researcher. PhD Scholar on Politics, Policies and International Relations. Associate Professor in International Relations. His research is within the framework of International Relations and studies on Energy, with special focus on the global energy policy, the National Oil Companies and the International Oil Compaanies, the energy sources in the Middle East and North Africa, the Arab Gulf states policies, and Islam and International Relations. He has been a visitin researcher at Princeton University during the 2015-2016 academic year and at London School of Economics and Political Science and at Qatar University during 2012.

His last papers and publications have been about Qatar, Qatar Petroleum and the Gulf Cooperation Council: “Qatar y la Mediación en el Mediterráneo” chapter at the book “La Aplicación de la Mediación en la Resolución de los Conflictos en el Mediterráneo” published by Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación in 2014. “NATO and the GCC security versus the MAC’s political changes” working paper presented at Cambridge University in 2011. His a membre at the Research Project HAR2012-34053 “Revueltas populares del Mediterráneo a Asia Central: Genealogía histórica, fracturas de poder y factores identitarios”. He has codirected with Joan Martinez Porcell  Col·lecció Pensar per Conviure, by the Philosophy Faculty at Ramon Llull University.




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