The LIEC is a conslidate research group (reference 2009SGR1543) by AGAUR (Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca). Aims to investigate the development of communication skills in the context of learning science.



The overall objective of the group is to investigate the processes by which students participate in scientific practices and transfers, equivalent to investigate the processes of development of three scientific skills: to use tests, modeling and scientific inquiry.

His current goals are:

• Characterize stages of increasing complexity in learning progressions of three scientific skills, including knowledge transfer. This implies: a) refine and extend the age progressions of skills to use and test models used (by context) already started; and b) to characterize the levels of progress in scientific inquiry, both components practice, and the meta knowledge.

• Identify characteristics and quality criteria in different contexts and ways of presenting them in the teaching of different disciplines and educational levels. This implies a) analyze their suitability for modeling promote the use of evidence and scientific inquiry; b) obtain evidence favoring the transfer of epistemic practices and knowledge to analyze other problems and decisions and actions.

• Identify quality criteria or sequences of activities that promote learning context knowledge transfer, decision making and action so that it is useful for teachers to design and implement them.

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