PhD. Tesis

Ph.D Thesis from 2000

Enantioselective synthesis of cyclopropane and cyclobutane carbocyclic compounds: α-hydroxy acids, β-amino acids, and β-peptides.

Marta Martín-Vilà. 2000.

Mechanism and chemoselectivity in the palladium-complexes catalyzed reactions of methylenation of C=C and C=O double bonds with diazomethane.

Cristóbal Rodríguez-García. 2001.

Mechanistic studies and synthetic applications of the cyclopropanation reactions with diazoalkanes, and N-alkylhydroxylamine addition to chiral olefins.

Elena Muray. 2001.

Methods for the preparation of polyfunctionalized chiral cyclobutanes. Use of cyclobutane precursors and study of the competition between [2+2] photocycloaddition and Z-E photoisomerization of olefins.

Elena García-Expósito. 2002.

Synthesis and stereoselective hydrogenation of cyclobutyl α,β-dehydro-α-peptides. Synthetic applications.

Gemma Patricia Aguado. 2003.

Addition of phosphinodiazoalkanes and phosphinocarbenes to C=C and C=O double bonds. Synthetic and mechanistic studies.

Ona Illa. 2005.

(+)- and (-)-2-Aminocyclobutan-1-carboxylic acids and their incorporation into β-peptides. A synthetic and structural study.

Sandra Izquierdo. 2005

Synthesis and structural study of carbocyclic derivatives: Cyclobutane peptidonucleic acids and β-oligomers.

Federico Rúa. 2007

Enantioselective synthesis of GABA analogs with potential activity as anticonvulsants, and of cyclobutane γ-peptides, from (-)-verbenone.

Àlex Mor. 2008

Cyclobutane beta-peptides: Synthesis, structure and possible applications.

Elisabeth Torres. 2009

Theoretical study of the structure and the reactivity of phosphorated compounds.

Carles Acosta. 2009

Stereoselective synthesis of cyclobutyl gamma-lactams, pyrrolidines and gamma-peptides.

Jordi Aguilera. 2010

Theoretical study of hte reaction of phosphino(silyl)carbenes and mixed P and S bis-ylides with alkenes and carbonyl compounds.

Xavier Bagan. 2011

Cyclobutane peptides and ureas: synthesis, folding, self-assembling and some biological properties

Esther Gorrea. 2012

The chiral cyclobutane motif in the synthesis of dendrimers and multifunctional platforms. Applications as contrast agents, cell-penetrating peptides,and NPY analogues.

Raquel Gutiérrez-Abad. 2012

The chiral cyclobutane motif in foldamers, peptidic organogelators and host-guest chemistry

Sergi Celis. 2013

The chiral cyclobutane motif in advanced materials and catalysis: organogelators, surfactants, hynrid silicas and metal ligands

Marta Sans. 2014

Nuevas plataformas quirales de alta versatilidad: síntesis y aplicaciones.

Jimena Ospina. 2016

Supramolecular studies on the behaviour of differentchiral cycloalkane-based compounds as receptors, gelators and surfactants

Bernat Pi. 2016


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