GAAD - Global Accessibility Awareness Day

We are preparing the TransMedia Catalonia Open Day on May 16th to celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day: stay tuned!


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Previous GAAD on TMC

The TransMedia Catalonia research group celebrates the Global Accessibility Awareness Day launching the first TransMedia Catalonia Open Day on 2018.

On May 17th, from 11:00 to 13:00, the TMC research group will open the doors of its laboratory. 

After being welcomed with a hot beverage, people will have the chance to meet our researchers and discuss with them the key aspects and social implications of digital accessibility.

Our researchers will present research projects the research group is currently working on and discover accessibility progresses in the areas of immersive technologies, audio description, subtitling, electrophysiological research, quality models, and development of an app for media accessibility. 

Visitors will also have the opportunity to take part in the new experimental research project of the group and experience new techniques for the evaluation of the efficacy of media accessibility though the measurement of galvanic skin response. 

The event is organised in collaboration with the EU funded projects UMAQ (project n. 752659.), ACT (project n. 2015-1-ES01-KA203-015734), ImAc (project n. 761974), EasyTV (project n. 761999), ADLAB PRO (2016-1-IT02-K203-024311), the Spanish-funded project NEA (project FFI2015-64038-P), and the Polish-funded project ADDit! (1311/MOB/IV/2015/0). 

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