Pablo Romero-Fresco

Pablo Romero-Fresco is a Reader in Translation and Filmmaking at the University of Roehampton, London, United Kingdom, where he teaches dubbing, subtitling, re-speaking (live subtitling) and filmmaking. He also teaches audiovisual translation at the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona and the University of Vigo, both in Spain. He is author of Subtitling through Speech Recognition: Respeaking (2011) and is the external reviewer of Ofcom, the British media regulator, for the assessment of the quality of live subtitles in the UK. He collaborates with Stagetext and the National Gallery in the UK, Ai-Media in Australia, Swiss TXT in Switzerland and the North-West University of South Africa on respeaking-based access to TV, live events, museums, galleries and teaching environments. He was a member of the first international Focus Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility organised by the United Nation's ITU. He is a member of the CAIAC/TransMedia Catalonia research group, for which he has coordinated the subtitling research of the EU-funded DTV4ALL project. Pablo is also a filmmaker and works on accessible filmmaking with a view to integrating translation and accessibility as an integral part of the filmmaking process. His first documentary, Joining the Dots (2012), which had audio description as its central theme, was screened at the 69th Venice Film Festival as well as at film festivals in the UK, Poland, France, Switzerland and Austria.  

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