Workshops and seminars


Seminar "Between patriarchy and neoliberalism: new maternity configurations nowadays in España". Centro AFIN, 4 de diciembre.

Thursday's Appetizer at AFIN Seminars. AFIN Centre, January - June.

Seminars "Ages and Cultural Practices: People, Groups and Stages". Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, December 12, 16, 17.

AFIN workshop "Being a diverse family today: Some answers for the chellenges of reproduction". La Zubia Cultural Centre (Granada), September, 7.


Thursday's Appetizer at AFIN Seminars. AFIN Centre, September - December.

Seminars "Ages and Cultural Practices: People, Groups and Stages". Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. Autonomous University of Barcelona, November, 20-21. 

Thursday's Appetizer at AFIN Spring Seminars. AFIN Centre, April - June.

Thursday's Appetizer at AFIN Winter Seminars. AFIN Centre, January - March.


Thursday's Appetizer at AFIN Autumn Seminars. AFIN Centre, September - December.

Cultural Practices and Ages: People, Groups, Stages. Barcelona, November 28, 30 and December 1.

AFIN International Workshop: Reproductive Politics, from the Welfare Reform to the Trump Era. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, November 16. (*See program)

Film forum on Violence of Gender. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, ​November 14.

Cycle of activities. Caring men: gender barriers and emerging models. Palau Macaya (Barcelona), October 9, 23 and November 6, 9, 15. (*Access to digital materials)

Thursday's Appetizer at AFIN Seminars. AFIN Centre, March - June.

Surrogacy on debate. Auditorio Dexeus, Barcelona, June 1.

Adolescence and adoption: discovering the world of adolescents. AFIN Centre. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, May 27.

Having or not having children: is that the question? AFIN Centre. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, May 13.

GRAPP/GENI/AFIN seminar: A Fragmented Landscape: Reproductive Rights and Protest Logics in Europe Today. Faculty of Geography and History, Universidad de Barcelona, February 27.


Seminars: Ages and cultural practices: people, groups, stages. Barcelona, November 4, 9, 11.

AFIN Workshop: Men in the care of childhood, adolescence and early youth.. Barcelona, April 13.


Thursday's Appetizer at AFIN seminars. Bellaterra, May 25.

AFIN Movie Spring. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, March.

Demographic anxiety, reproductive rights and globalized motherhood / genitery in times of 'austerity'. Barcelona, February - June.


Gender, family and procreation: discourses and policies. Barcelona, October 27, 28.

Maternities, procreation and parenting in transformation. Barcelona, February 26.


Surrogacy: personal experiences and interdisciplinary analysis. Barcelona, November 25.