Fees have been updated on 29 July 2020. They have been reduced at least by 50%.

Updated information about the registration will be published here in September.

ARSAD is collocated with Media for All and an EASIT workshop, so there are preferential fees if you attend different events. 

Registration fee includes access to the online platform (Moodle), where prerecorded videos for the presentations will be available. Communication with the speakers will be possible through a written forum during the conference.

Please notice that it will not be a live event: the videos will become available following the conference schedule, and forum written interaction will be possible during the event. Videos will remain available after the conference for a week. 

Fees are non-refundable.

ARSAD (26-27 January). 

  • Standard: 90 euros. Early-bird registration until 30/10/20: 65 euros.
  • Members of supporting organisations, students, unemployed: 50 euros. Early-bird registration until 30/10/20: 40 euros.
  • Students from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting: become a member of the organisation team and join the conference for free. Contact us.

If you want to attend more events, check the table here.

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