Alexandre Duchêne

ducheme.fw_.pngAlexandre Duchêne, (alexandre.duchê,  is Professor of Sociology of Language and Head of Department of Multilingualism Studies and the University of Fribourg. His research focuses on language and social inequalities, language and political economy and multilingualism and globalization. He is the past-President of the Francophone Association for Sociolinguistics (RFS) and co-Chair of the Committee on World Anthropologies of the American Anthropological Association. His recent publications include Language in Late Capitalism: Pride and Profit (with Monica Heller, 2012, Routledge); Language, Migration and Social Inequalities (with Melissa Moyer and Celia Roberts, 2013, Multilingual Matters), Mehrsprachigkeit verwalten? Spannungsfeld Personalrekrutierung beim Bund (with Renata Coray, Emilienne Kobelt et al.., 2015, Seismo Verlag) and Spéculations langagières (with Michelle Daveluy, 2015, a special Issue on the journal Anthropologie et Sociétés). He is the Principal Investigator of SNF-funded research project entitled: A web of Care: Linguistic resources and the management of labour in the healthcare industry (2015-2018).


Selection of Publications:

-Duchêne, A. & Daveluy, M. (2015). Spéculations langagières. Special Issue of Anthropologie & Sociétés 39-3.

-Del Percio, A. & Duchêne, A. (2015). Sprache und sozialer Ausschluss. Eine Genealogie des schulischen Berufsintegrationsprozesses jugendlicher Migranten in der Schweiz. In Schnitzer, A. &  Mörgen, R. (eds). Mehr-Sprachigkeit und (Un)gesagtes. Berlin : Juventa.

-Duchêne, A., Moyer, M. & Roberts, C. (2013). Language, migration and social (in)equalities:  New York: Multilingual Matters.

-Duchêne, A. & Heller, M. (eds) (2012). Language in Late Capitalism: Pride and Profit. New York: Routledge

-Duchêne, A. (2011(2014)). Néolibéralisme, inégalités sociales et plurilinguismes : l’exploitation des ressources langagières et des locuteurs.Langage & Société, 136 :81-106. (English translation Open Access Neoliberalism, Social Inequalities, and Multilingualism: The Exploitation of Linguistic Resources and Speakers)

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