CLIL-SI is a collaborative network formed by the Language and Education (LED) university-based researchers working in partnership with teachers-as-researchers who are interested in improving language education in their schools through enquiry-based innovation projects.

CLIL-SI specialises in empowering approaches to Teacher Education and carries out three types of actions: mentoring, inquiry-based innovation, and research on (foreign) language education and CLIL.

One of the objectives of the collaborative research currently carried out by CLIL-SI is to improve our understanding of the learning of school curricular content in multilingual environments. The aim is to be able to formulate and evaluate teaching/learning proposals oriented towards holistic language education. (Learn more.)


Collaborative reseach in CLIL-SI addresses the following topics:

  1. CLIL tasks
  2. Discourse in the CLIL classroom
  3. Evaluation in the CLIL classroom
  4. Collaboration among CLIL teachers from different specialities
  5. Empowering approaches to pre-service and in-service teacher education

Please check the LED web site for a list of funded projects and publications.


Current courses: Postgraduate Certificate in CLIL

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