CLIL-SI is collaborative network formed by the Language and Education (LED) university-based researchers working in partnership with teachers-as-researchers who are interested in improving language education in their schools through enquiry-based innovation projects. 

CLIL-SI specialises in empowering approaches to Teacher Education and carries out three types of actions: mentoring, inquiry-based innovation, and research on (foreign) language education and CLIL. CLIL-SI teachers work in professional development schools which accept student-teachers taking teacher-education courses. In this way, the school benefits from the support from the university to their enquiry-based innovation project, as well as from the interns’ fresh minds and enthusiastic hands; interns benefit from experienced and inquisitive mentors and a thought-provoking environment;  ​ and university-based researchers  benefit from access to classrooms where new things happen.  In short, CLIL-SI considers itself a win-win network of professionals based on trust and respect to teachers and their work.

One of the objectives of the collaborative research currently carried out by CLIL-SI is to improve our understanding of the learning of school curricular content in multilingual environments. The aim is to be able to formulate and evaluate teaching/learning proposals oriented towards holistic language education. Our methodology includes the videotaping of lessons, which are later shared, transcribed and analysed collaboratively in data sessions.   The whole process leads to the production of teaching materials, individual and co-authored articles which are published in a variety of journals,  and presentations in teachers' conventions and research conferences.  CLIL-SI members are often invited to teacher-education events and programmes organised by universities and the administrations all over Spain, and regularly participate in a variety of international events.

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