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Europe for citizens Programme

This programme aims to give the citizen a key role in the development of the European Union: promoting Europe’s common values and history, fostering a sense of ownership of the EU project among citizens, and developing ideas and activities with a European angle.

This programme includes a set of projects under the name Sharing Experiences.

Also in French.

European Label for innovative projects in language teaching and learning

An award that encourages new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, rewarding new techniques in language teaching, spreading the knowledge of their existence and thereby promoting good practice.


European network on information about Foreign Languages - Bilingual Teaching (CLIL).

Publications by Eurydice

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at School in Europe (2006) Download. Telecharger.

Organismo Autónomo Programas Educativos Europeos (OAPEE)

El Organismo Autónomo Programas Educativos Europeos está adscrito al Ministerio de Educación y tiene como misión gestionar la participación española en el Programa de Aprendizaje Permanente (PAP) de la Unión Europea. Es la Agencia nacional española del PAP y, por tanto, responsable de desarrollar las acciones descentralizadas de los diferentes programas: Comenius para la educación escolar, Erasmus para la educación superior, Leonardo da Vinci para la Formación Profesional y Grundtvig para la educación de adultos.

Youth in action Programme

Youth in Action is the EU Programme for young people. It aims to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future.

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