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Primary education

Teaching Science by Gemma Murillo. Level: P4/P5.

NASA Kids' Club


Secondary education

1st grade

5 kingdoms of living beings by M.A. Hernández.

Extinct animals by Rosa Batlle.

How do living things work by Roser Canet.

Life by Roser Canet.

Living things by Roser Canet.

Rainforests by CLIL-SI team. Developed in the ArtICLE project (2005-2006).

Solids, liquids and gases by Carmen Ortonobes. Lesson plan. Teacher's guide. Materials. Changes of state.

The vertebrates by E.Eixarch, M. Mas, A. Rueda & J. Miquela.


2nd grade

Energy resources by E. Eixarch, M. Mas, T. Badia, M. López & I. Pérez.

Heat, temperature and animal adaptations by Mª Roser Nebot.

Pressure by Montserrat Jiménez.

Rainforests 2 by CLIL-SI team and Rosa Batlle. Webquest.


3rd grade

Archimedes principle and buoyancy by Montserrat Jiménez. (adapted)

Let's talk about energy by CLIL-SI team & Marta Calvo.

The effects of human activity on the environment by E. Eixarch, C. Moltó, A. Herrera & C. Bardají.

Materials on the Earth by Roser Canet (2012).


4th grade

Chemistry in Everyday Life by C. González, M.A. Fuentes & E. Hernández. Student's book. Teacher's notes. Appendixes.


Other materials produced during study leave.





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