Created in 2017, the Diversity and Guidance research group in the Department of Applied Pedagogy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (DO-UAB) is comprised of teaching and research staff from the Research and Diagnostic Methods in Education (MIDE) and the Didactics and School Organisation (DiOE) areas within this department. It is an interdisciplinary group whose goals are:

  • To conduct research in the line of social justice applied to policies, programmes and actions providing guidance for the life plans of individuals, groups and communities.
  • To promote inclusive socio-educational action in guidance matters targeted at young adults and adults in formal, non-formal and community educational and training settings.
  • To generate and co-create knowledge on guidance in communities, institutions, centres and projects.

The projects in which the group members have participated or are participating include guidance for workplace inclusion and professional development for individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as improving their professional competences and quality of life; designing inclusive tracks of socio-educational success for children and youths with disabilities in open centres; guidance for independent and inclusive leisure for individuals with intellectual disabilities; academic, professional and citizen guidance in adult and secondary training centres; guidance for youths and adults in non-formal and community settings; and evaluation of the impact of a new occupation model on individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families, the professionals involved, the institution and the region (municipalities where the new model has been implemented).

The members of the group have extensive careers and experience in knowledge transfer and working with a range of public and private institutions. The group works with public organisations, private entities and the third sector in developing socio-educational action projects and evaluating and improving plans and programmes.

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