Taking the Social Justice approach and the collaborative perspective in guidance as the points of departure, research and transfer projects are developed that foster the participation, empowerment and inclusion of a range of individuals and groups. The lines of research include projects targeted at institutions, administrations, communities and groups in processes related to training, work, leisure and the exercise of citizenship with a long-term, broad view of the lifecycle.

The DO research team has the following lines of research:

  • TRAINING of individuals with disabilities. Guidance integrated into guidance in schools, occupational centres and job centres.
  • Development of guidance programmes for professional development and INCLUSION projects in WORK environments for youths, adults and individuals with disabilities.
  • Promotion of inclusive LEISURE in community contexts with joint actions with all the groups involved.
  • Development of guidance and community participation and CITIZENSHIP projects to protect the rights and encourage the effective participation of vulnerable groups.
  • Actions and projects targeted at PROFESSIONALS.
  • Actions and projects targeted at COMMUNITIES and REGIONS.
  • Actions and projects to define POLICIES and for the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, both local and supramunicipal.
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