• Pilot project to promote inclusive leisure for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Promotion of personal autonomy and care of ageing, disability and illness 2018.

La Caixa’s Assistance Programme for Social Initiative Projects.

Dates of execution:  04/062018-30/09/2019.

Partnership with the Private Foundation for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Catalonia.

  • The socio-educational inclusion of children and adolescents with disabilities and/or mental health problems in Barcelona.

 4th call for application for Reflection Projects of the Palau Macaya (2019).

Dates of execution: 01/10/2019-30/06/2020.

Project in conjunction with the Integral Education Association of El Raval (AEIRaval) and the Barcelona Town Hall (Department of Health, Department of Social Care for Families and Children, and Municipal Institute of Disabled Persons).

  • Assessment of the impact of the new occupational model of the Ampans Foundation.

Project financed by the Ampans Foundation (Manresa).

Dates of execution: 01/03/2019-30/02/2020.

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