Online vs Classroom learning: Examining motivational and SRL strategies among VET students

TítolOnline vs Classroom learning: Examining motivational and SRL strategies among VET students
Tipus de publicacióJournal Article
Any de publicació2019
AutorsQuesada-Pallarès, C, Sánchez-Martí, A, Ciraso-Calí, A, Pineda-Herrero, P
JournalFrontiers in Psychology
Start Page2795
Paraules claulearning mode, motivation, online learning, self-regulated learning strategies, vocational education and training

Numerous studies have been conducted to explore students’ employment of motivational and self-regulated learning strategies (SRL). Research highlights the importance of having motivated students equipped with strategies that help them self-regulate their learning, this being highly important when learning is acquired through online learning programs. Nonetheless, such research has been scarce with Vocational Education and Training (VET) students; this is the gap in the literature this paper aims to address. The article analyzes the degree to which VET students employ motivational and SRL strategies by comparing them according to the learning mode chosen. To achieve this, a quantitative approach was adopted to carry out a cross-sectional study. A total of 577 first-year VET students responded to an online questionnaire based on some of the motivational and SRL strategies scale included in Pintrich’s model. Statistical analyses were applied to test two hypotheses. Pintrich’s model was validated through a confirmatory factor analysis considering its application to Catalan VET students for the first time. The results reveal significant differences between classroom and online students in terms of levels of metacognitive self-regulation and effort regulation when starting a VET program. However, this difference might not be entirely explained by the learning mode chosen. The findings of this study will provide VET researchers and practitioners with a greater understanding of their students’ characteristics when starting the program and the means to develop strategies that ensure their engagement throughout the course.

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