Defining and Measuring Transnational Social Structures

TitleDefining and Measuring Transnational Social Structures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMolina, JL, Petermann, S, Herz, A
JournalField Methods
Start Page223
KeywordsChinese, Clustered graph visualization, Filipino, SIkhs, transnational fields, transnationalism

Transnational social fields and transnational social spaces are often used interchangeably to describe and analyze emergent structures of cross-border formations. In this article, we suggest measuring two key aspects of these social structures: embeddedness and span of migrants’ personal networks. While clustered graphs allow assessing transnational embeddedness, the standardized diversity index can be used to show variation in the number of countries reported in personal networks. The measures will be exemplified with the data collected in Barcelona from
three groups (Chinese, Sikh, and Filipino, N=25 in each group, 30 alters by ego).

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