EMIGRA is an acronym that corresponds to the following words in Catalan: Education, Migrations, Childhood (Infància), Group, Research, Anthropological.

EMIGRA is a research group in the field of Anthropology of Education devoted to research into education, migration and inequality. Our research focus is the study of the dimensions and impact of cultural diversity and social inequality in the education systems of contemporary societies from an international comparative perspective, and on developing applied social research.

EMIGRA follows the CRC (1989) definition of children -from birth to 18 years of age- understanding them as a social group, and includes child-related public policies as well as those affecting children and youth as an object of study.

EMIGRA adheres to an intersectional and feminist line of research through topics such as the role of women in the enculturation of children in families and schools; schooling, school success and failure in relation to the processes of identity and gender construction in working class and immigrant/minority girls and women; the study of gender and racialisation regimes in schools, and the intersection of ethno-racial and cultural discriminations with sex-gender and sexuality systems among children and youth.

EMIGRA obtained its official recognition as a research structure of the UAB in May 2007 (UAB Research Commission), although its initial core of researchers has worked together since 1998. Currently, the EMIGRA researchers come from various departments and units within the UAB (Social and Cultural Anthropology, Systematic and Social Pedagogy, Equality Observatory, Fundació Autònoma Solidària, Teachers’ education in Music, Visual Arts and Body Expression) and collaborating colleagues from the rest of Spain and abroad.

EMIGRA is part of the Research Centre for Migration Studies (CER Migracions) at UAB (approved on December 2, 2009), along with other research groups in the social sciencies. It is an official Consolidated Research Group, SGR-1702GRC (2017- 2019) financed by the AGAUR. CER Migracions is specialized in the interdisciplinary production of scientific knowledge about international migration aimed at supporting organizations and social institutions that deal with the management of migration and diversity in increasingly complex societies (public administrations, non-governmental organizations, media, etc.). 

Visit the CER Migracions website: http://www.cermigracions.org



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