Àlex Paniagua


email: alex.pr.uab@gmail.com

Master on Ethnographic Research, Theory in Anthropology and Intercultural Relations, Bachelor in Social Anthropology (Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 2007) and Bachelor in Education at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He is Predoctoral Researcher, full time grant holder in the FPU program 2011-2014 (funded by the Spanish Ministry Science and Innovation) at UAB, Department of Social Anthropology. He is now developing his PhD on family and community involvement and school reform.

He has been the principal investigador of the project “PAs, migrant families and social cohesion” at the Catalan Federation of PAs (FaPaC) which was part of his MSc Thesis and developed an intervention project funded by La Caixa in 2010 (ref. IC10/84).

He has been visitant researcher at Middlesex University (London), collaborating in a research project about the impact of the educational services of a migrant association. During this stage he reviewed current education trends at UK focusing on the role of Third Sector, its impact on BAME children and new forms of gobernance in educational institutions.

He has more than seven years of experience as a Primary and Secondary School Teacher.



PA's, migrant families and social cohesion. 2010. IP: Àlex Paniagua. FaPaC (Catalan Federation of PA's) - UAB.

An evaluation of the education services of Day-Mer, Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre. 2011. IP: Alessio d'Angelo. Middlesex University.

Publications and Conference Presentations:


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