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Bálint-Ábel Bereményi holds a PhD and MA in Social Anthropology (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain 2007, 2004) and a BA in Business Studies (Oxford Brookes University and International Business School – Budapest). Presently he is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. He was member of the teaching staff in the Summer University of the Central European University: "The Roma in Europe - Policy Strategy: a course for policy experts". He has been visiting researcher at the National Pedagogical University of Bogotá, Colombia.

In his recent research activity he has been focusing on the analysis of public policies and their impact on the local Roma/Gitano population, in the fields of educational, labour market or civic participation, among others. In his PhD dissertation he centred on the school experience of minority and immigrant groups and the changes they have been undergoing in different national school systems. In 2003-2006 he carried out ethnographic fieldwork – among others – with Spanish Gitano in Catalonia, Spain and with Kalderash Rom in Bogotá, Colombia, bearing the research scholarship FI (2003-2007) of the Catalan Government. He has tought Anthropology at BA and MA level various programmes of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

In 2011-12 he was Principal Investigator of the project "Evaluating the Six Years of the Comprehensive Plan for the Roma Population in Catalonia, financed by the Open Society Foundations' Roma Initiatives (EU Framework Advocacy Grant). The project was carried out jointly with the Federation of Gitano Associations of Catalonia (FAGiC). In 2012-13 he participated in the FP7 project "NeuJobs" - WP19, that compared active labour market policies targetting and reaching out vulnerable groups in five EU countries. Also he lead the research Socioeducational Intergration of the children of Romanian origin, in Catalonia (Caixa Sabadell Obra Social 2007-08). He participated in several related national research projects such as the one titled "Conditions of academic success among the Spanish Gitanos students" coordinated by J.E. Abajo and S. Carrasco (2002-04).

Furthermore, he has been participating in the FP7 project "Resl.Eu. Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe" (2013-17) and is member of the coordinating team of the national project on "Mobility of students and the its impact on schooling" (2013-15) financed by the National Research Council. In 2010-11, he was member of the research team investigating the "Impact and management of the in-year enrolment", a project commissioned by the Authorities of Barcelona Regional (Diputació de Barcelona). Finally, in 2010, he worked in a project about Children of immigrant families in affluent countries, a report on the case of Catalonia in the context of the European Union. (AGAUR-ARAFI 2010)



PEER – PARTICIPATION, EXPERIENCES AND EMPOWERMENT FOR ROMA YOUTH [JUST/2013/Action Grants: Rights of Children] – IP of the Consortium: Dr. Maria Roth (Babes-Bolyai University). IP-UAB: Dr. Bálint-Ábel Bereményi. Duration: 24 months (01/01/2015-31/12/2016). Consortium: 14 organisations. UAB Team: 5 researchers

REDUCING EARLY SCHOOL LEAVING IN THE EU [320223 - - Collaborative Project: Collaborative Project: Large-scale integrating project] - Principal Investigator: dr. Christiane Timmerman. Universiteit Antwerpen. 9 EU universities. Principal Investigator-UAB: Dra Sílvia Carrasco. 60 months (2013- 2017). Member of the Spanish coordinating team.

STUDENTS' MOBILITY AND ITS IMPACT ON THE SCHOOLING, IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA OF BARCELONA: TYPES, PROCESSES AND TRENDS. Financed by the National Research Council. National R&D&i Plan 2008-2011. Principal Investigator: dr. Sílvia Carrasco. Duration: 36 months (2013-15). Task: membre of the coordinating team. Coordinator of WP5.



Title of Work Package19 of the FP7 Project: POLICY PUZZLES WITH ROMA. Title of the FP-7 project: "NeuJobs - Creating and adapting jobs in Europe in the context of socio-ecològical transition". Duration of the WP 19 (fieldwork & reporting period): 01/11/2012-31/05/2013 PI of the Spanish team: Dr. Bálint Ábel Bereményi. Team: 2 researchers. Tasks: Scientific design and execution of the project in Spain.

“EVALUATING THE 6 YEARS OF THE ‘INTEGRATED PLAN FOR THE ROMA POPULATION IN CATALONIA’”.  Financed by Open Society Foundations. Roma Initiatives "EU Framework Advocacy Grant 2011-12". Team: 5 research assistants. PI: Dr. Bálint-Ábel Bereményi. Co-coordinator: Ms. Anna Mirga (Federation of Roma Associations in Catalonia).

AGAUR-ARAFI (2010) CHILDREN OF IMMIGRANT FAMILIES IN AFFLUENT COUNTRIES. REPORT ON THE CASE OF CATALONIA IN THE CONTEXT OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. PI: Dr. Silvia Carrasco. Team: Dr. Bálint-Ábel Bereményi, Dr. Beatriz Ballestín, Dr. Elisenda Casañas & Ms. Cris Molins (UAB); Dr. Heaven Crawley (Univ. of Swansea): Duration: 2010-2012.

STUDY ABOUT IN-YEAR ENROLLMENT IN A SAMPLE OF VILLAGES AND MIDDLE TOWNS IN THE PROVINCE OF BARCELONA. Financed by: Diputació de Barcelona, Àrea d’Educació [Government of Barcelona Province] (2009-2010):. PIs: Dra. Silvia Carrasco & Dr. Jordi Pàmies 



CONCEPTIONS AND IMPLICATIONS OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AMONG ROMA YOUTH IN SPAIN. Financed by: Institute for the Women of the Ministry of Labour and Immigration and Centre of Research and Documentation on Education of Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation (Spain)] (2002-2004). 37 researchers. PI: Dr. Sílvia Carrasco and MA. José Eugenio Abajo (tasks: field research, data analysis, report writing)




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He has been editor ofNum.8. of EMIGRA Newsletters, February 2011. Special issue on research on Roma and Education. 



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