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Stefano Piemontese is pre-doctoral researcher at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and is currently working on a thesis titled “Educational careers and housing patterns of Roma migrant youths between Spain and Romania”. Other topics related to his research include the conceptual and practical challenges of the policies for Roma in Europe and the issue of political participation and social mobilization of Roma migrants. Since September 2014 he is affiliated with the Center for Policy Studies as a Marie Curie Junior Research Fellow in the INTEGRIM Initial Training Network (ITN) “Integration and International Migration: Pathways and Integration Policies”. Stefano is also vice-president of Taller de Antropología y Ciencias Sociales Aplicadas (Taller ACSA), a research agency located in Granada (Spain); founding-member and contents editor for the cultural and media association WOTS? (Torino, Italy); and associated member of the European Academic Network on Romani Studies.

Stefano is graduated in International Political Sciences at the University of Turin (Italy) with a thesis on the Italian immigrant workers in Wolfsburg, the city of Volkswagen. In 2011 he obtained a Master in international Migration and Intercultural Relations (Internationale Migration und Interkulturelle Beziehungen, IMIB) at the University of Osnabrück (Germany) with a thesis titled “The Access to Housing of Romanian Roma in Andalusia. Public Practices and Family Strategies in the area of Granada”. As Erasmus student he attended the Master in Migration Studies, Development and Social Work (Estudios Migratorios, Desarrollo e Intervención Social, MEMDIS) of the University of Granada, where he also collaborated with the Gitano Association Anaquerando and the Asociación Pro-Derechos Humanos de Andalucía in a research on the access of Romanian Roma immigrants to welfare resources in Granada.

Stefano started collaborating with the EMIGRA research group in 2012, when he participated to the European research project “Evaluating the Six Years of the Comprehensive Plan for the Roma Population in Catalonia” (2011-12), coordinated by Dr. Balínt-Ábel Bereményi in collaboration with the Federació d'Associacions Gitanes de Catalunya (FAGiC). The Project was financed in the framework of the Open Society Foundations’ Roma Initiatives Program. Throughout the same year he assisted Dr. Balínt-Ábel Bereményi in a research on the impact of public policies on the labor inclusion of Gitano population in Spain, realized in the framework of a broader European Project (FP7- NEUJOBS).

As member of the Taller ACSA he coordinated the research activities and was main researcher in Spain for the project “REdHNET– Romani People, and Educational and Housing Policies: Key Links to Share” (2013-2014), and also collaborated to the research for the project “WE: Wor(l)ds which Exclude” (2013-2014). Both Projects were co-financed by the European Commission.


Participation to on-going projects

INTEGRIM Marie Curie Initial Training Network: “Integration and International Migration: Pathways and Integration Policies”. Financed by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (2007- 2013). (


Participation to completed projects

REdHNET – ROMANI PEOPLE, AND EDUCATIONAL AND HOUSING POLICIES: KEY LINKS TO SHARE. Financed by the European Commission (531065-LLP-1-2012-1-ES-KA1-KA1NWR). Coordinator of the research activities and main researcher in Spain for Taller ACSA (2013). (

WE: WOR(L)DE WHICH EXCLUDE, financed by the European Commission (JUST/2011/FRAC/AG/2716). Researcher in Spain for Taller ACSA (2013-2014). (

THE OTHER EUROPEAN TRAVELLERS (TOET). A collective photographic project on 1950s-1980s intra-European migration. Financed by the European Commission’s Culture Programme (2012-2013). (  

POLICY PUZZLES WITH ROMA EMPLOYMENT. Research assistant of the Spanish team in the WP19, Task 2 of the FP7 project "NEUJOBS - Creating and adapting jobs in Europe in the context of a socio-ecological transition”. EMIGRA Research Group. IP: Daniel Gros, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels. (November to December 2012). (

EVALUATING THE 6 YEARS OF THE ‘INTEGRATED PLAN FOR THE ROMA POPULATION IN CATALONIA’. Financed by the Open Society Foundations. EU Framework Advocacy Grant 2011-12. Member of the research team. IP: Dr. Bálint-Ábel Bereményi (EMIGRA). Co-coordinator: Ms. Anna Mirga (FAGiC). (2012). (



Piemontese, S., Beluschi Fabeni, G., (2014). “Entre organización social y políticas públicas. Pautas residenciales de familias rumanas romaníes en Granada”. Sociologia – Revista de Faculdade de Letras de Universidade do Porto. Número temático 2014, Ciganos na Península Ibérica e Brasil: Estudos e Políticas Sociais. Porto. (

Beluschi Fabeni, G., López López, J.D., Piemontese, S., (2014). “Between assimilation and heritagization. The linguistic construction of Gitanos in Spanish housing policies”. In: Piasere L., Solimano N., Tosi Cambrini, S. “Wor(l)ds which Exclude. The housing issue of Roma, Gypsies and Travellers in the language of the acts and the administrative documents in Europe”. Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci Press. (  

López López, J.D., Piemontese, S., Beluschi Fabeni, G., Ballester i Torrents, M., (2014). “WE: Wor(l)ds Which Exclude. National Report on Spain”. (

Piemontese, S., (Ed.). (2013). “’Roma migrants’ in five European Countries. Policy Context and National Integration Strategies”. Second report of the REdHNET project. (

Piemontese, S., Beluschi Fabeni, G., (Eds.). (2013). “Approaching the Educational and Housing situation of Roma Migrants in Europe. Theoretical Insights and Policy Benchmarks”. First report of the REdHNET project. (


Conferences and Papers

“Research Puzzles and Competing Approaches to Studying Roma Migration”. Workshop within the framework of the Annual Conference of the INTEGRIM Network. Conveners: Vera Messing and Zsuzsanna Vidra. Chairs: Tina Magazzini and Stefano Piemontese. Central European University. Budapest (Hungary). December 12, 2014. (

“Bridging the gap between policy making and social research. Strenghts and challenges of the policies for Gitanos/Roma in Spain. A workshop for scholars, policy makers, and NGOs”. Workshop organized under the call “Bridging the Gap between Academia and Policy Makers” of the European Academic Network on Romani Studies, a joint initiative of the European Union and the Council of Europe. Organization of the workshop and moderator of the panel “Building bridges between academic research and policy making in the case of the Gitano/Roma population in Spain”. Barcelona (Spain). October 16-17, 2014. (

Bereményi, B.-Á., Castellsagué, A., Piemontese, S., (2014). “Ethnicization of nomadism as a control to mobility regimes. An analysis of the Spanish Press”. Paper presented at the 2014 Gypsy Lore Society Annual Meeting, Bratislava (Slovakia). September 13, 2014.

Piemontese, S., (2014). “El acceso a la educación de los menores rumanos romá. Escolarización y educación obligatoria en Granada”. Paper presented during the first meeting with local experts of the ‘MigRom12. The Immigration of Romanian Roma to Western Europe: effects and future engagement strategies’: a research and intervention project financed within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. Granada (Spain). March 14, 2014.

Piemontese, S., (2014). “Los 'Gitanos del Este' en el Plan Integral de Pueblo Gitano en Cataluña”. Paper presented at the Conference ‘Public policies for Roma inclusion in Romania and the inclusion of Roma migrants from Romania in Catalonia’, organized by SNSPA and GRECS-UB. Barcelona (Spain). February 28, 2014.

Beluschi Fabeni, G., Piemontese, S., (2013). “Organización social y políticas públicas. Pautas residenciales de una red de familias romaníes rumanas en Granada”.  Paper presented at the V Congresso da Associação Portuguesa de Antropologia. Villa Real (Portugal). September 10, 2013

Bálint-Ábel, B., Piemontese, S., Mirga, A., (2012). “Did National Roma Strategies learn from the shortcomings of the Spanish model?”. Paper presented at the 2012 Gypsy Lore Society Annual Meeting, Istanbul (Turkey). September 21, 2012.

Piemontese, S. (2008). “The Italian community in the city of Volkswagen”. Lecture given during the VIII week of the Italian language in the world at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Wolfsburg (Germany). September 2008.

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