Email: david.curto@uab.cat - Phone: +34 93 5868762  - +34 93 5878762

Office 013 - MRA Parc de Recerca UAB, Ctra. Cerdanyola s/n 08193 Bellaterra  

Office B9-215 - Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Ctra. Cerdanyola s/n 08193 Bellaterra


2014-2018 FPU Researcher (Funded by the Ministery of Economy and Competitiveness)

2013 - 2014 MA on Anthropology: Advanced Research and Social Intervention (4/4, UAB)

2013-2014 Superior technical support in: Reducing Early School Leaving in the EU (www.RESL-eu.org) from the 7th Framework Programme, European Commission, Student mobility and its impact on schooling in the region of Barcelona: types, processes and tendencies funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

2013-2014 Member of the Social and Cultural Anthropology Department of the UAB

2012-2014 EMIGRA reserch group

2012 Degree on Social and Cultural Anthropology (extraordinary prize, UAB)

2006 - Engineering Technician, Sound and Image (with honours, 2006, Universitat Ramon Llull).

He has been involved in educational research in Catalunya and in Solo-Khumbu (Nepal). 


On going projects

7th FP European Commission (2013-2018) Reducing Early school leaving in Europe. IP: Dr. Christianne Timmerman, University of Antwerp. 9 partner countries. IP Spanish team: Dr. Silvia Carrasco (Spain); Researchers: Dr. Jordi Pamies, Dr. Marta Bertran, Dr. Bálint-Ábel Bereményi.

Proyectos I+D MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competition) Plan Nacional CSO (2013-2015) La movilidad del alumnado en la RMB: tipos, procesos y tendencias. IP: Dr. Silvia Carrasco. 15 researchers.


Coference participations

"Key questions on anthropology of education in cooperation and it's relation with an ethnografic experience in Nepal.” III International Congress on Education and Ethnography (III CIEYE) - Madrid 3-5 de July 2013,  CISC y CCHS (Schooling the world documentary projection and Open Forum)



Curto, D.; Dallari, E.; Juanto, S.; Pujadas, G.; Solé, E.; Clua, M. (Dir). (2013). Entrevista a Isidoro Moreno. La antropología tiene que desvelar, desnaturalizar. Correo de las Culturas del Mundo, 14(136), 4–22. Mexico D.F.

Curto, D; Pujadas, G. (forthcoming) Què fa “etnogràfica” l’etnografia escolar? (traducció del clàssic article de Frederick Erickson “What Makes School Ethnography ‘Ethnographic’?”. Periferia. Revista de Investigación y Formación en Antropología.

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