“Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution” (Theodosius Dobhzansky)

Understanding how mammalian genomes have been reshuffled during evolution is fundamental to the dynamics of mammalian genome composition, evolutionary relationships between species and, in the long run, speciation, providing insights to how biodiversity originates and is maintained. It is our goal to provide a unified and encompassing view of how genomes are organized and regulated in mammalian cells.

Our research activity is aimed at addressing these questions through a multidisciplinary approach, combining computational and experimental methods such as available genome databases and a battery of molecular, cytogenetic and cell biology, and by studying the genomes of different mammalian species.

Aurora Ruiz-Herrera Moreno- Principal Investigator and Associate Professor in Cell Biology. Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology, UAB (aurora.ruizherrera@uab.cat)

Covadonga Vara González - PhD student (UAB)

Lucía Álvarez González - PhD student (UAB)

Laia Marín Gual - PhD student (UAB)

Laura González- MSc student (UAB)

Michael Bernardinelli - Research Intership (Italy)



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