Finançats amb fons privats

INNOLEG- Innovative systems for obtaining leghemoglobin for meat analog products (Grups Operatius, call 2020)

Funded in part by DARP and EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development)

Participating entities: Espuña SA and Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods (through Coopecarn Girona SLU), coordianted by INNOVACC 

September 2020-September 2022,

Principal Investigator: Joaquín Arino



Construction of a yeast-based model for the study of metabotropic glutamate receptor function and functional high-throughput screening of ligand libraries

(subprojecte dins del projecte: Molecular Basis of neuropathic pain: an integrated approach to the analysis of Group III glutamate metabotropic receptors"

Fundació Marató TV3 2007

Entitats participants:  UAB, Inst. Gènomique Functionel (CNRS, Francia), IIQAB-CSIC

Gener 2008-Desembre 2010 

Investigador Responsable: Joaquín Ariño (Coordinador: J. Giraldo, UAB)

Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B