Official Master's Degree in Research in Psychology Applied to Health Science

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The master's degree in Research in Psychology Applied to the Health Sciences has the objective of training university graduates in the latest and most rigorous research methods applied to social problems linked to mental health (especially in children and young adults), well-being, development of healthy habits and the promotion of an active lifestyle through physical activity and sport.

Three specialisations are offered:

  • Specialisation in Psychology of Sport
  • Specialisation in Clinical Psychology
  • Specialisation in Psychology of Health

The course provides a mix of theory and methodological tools so that it can lead either into PhD studies or into a professional career in any of the fields mentioned.

Specialisation in Sport Psychology
Students who have taken this specialisation will be equipped to improve the performance and well-being of all those involved in sport (sports practitioners, coaches, referees, etc.), and to meet demand involving the lifestyles of the general public. Working in universities and research centres, high performance and other training centres and in federations, and sports clubs and bodies, they will be able to conduct research into the psychological factors that affect sportspersons' performance and well-being. Working in healthcare centres and services, they can study the psychological factors affecting active lifestyles in relation to public health in general.

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